Trying To Keep Active And Socialize

One of the most frustrating positions I find myself in right now is low mood but some energy however, no interest in anything. I have to force myself to do things that would normally interest but I can’t do it for more than ten to fifteen minutes. It’s very aggravating, and it’s like this day… Continue reading Trying To Keep Active And Socialize


A long time ago, near the beginning of being treated for my depression, we had gone through several medications and combinations. I was still deep into my depression and couldn’t take it, i wasn’t handling it too well and nothing seemed to be working or helping in any way. So, i talked with my psychitrist… Continue reading Sedation

Undersanding Treatment

The first step in treating depression is not only recognizing the symptoms, but talking to a doctor. Talking with your doctor or healthcare provider about how you’re feeling can help them make a proper diagnosis of depression. If your doctor confirms your suspicions, it’s only natural for your thoughts to turn to questions about treatment.… Continue reading Undersanding Treatment