Things Do Change – Sometimes It Just Takes Time

Well I haven’t written on this blog in quite sometime, not since i went to Homewood Health Care Center back in August of 2013. I went to Homewood and completed the 2 months of the treatment. At the beginning I was resistant to do anything to change my condition other than agreeing to come off… Continue reading Things Do Change – Sometimes It Just Takes Time

Trying To Keep Active And Socialize

One of the most frustrating positions I find myself in right now is low mood but some energy however, no interest in anything. I have to force myself to do things that would normally interest but I can’t do it for more than ten to fifteen minutes. It’s very aggravating, and it’s like this day… Continue reading Trying To Keep Active And Socialize

Undersanding Treatment

The first step in treating depression is not only recognizing the symptoms, but talking to a doctor. Talking with your doctor or healthcare provider about how you’re feeling can help them make a proper diagnosis of depression. If your doctor confirms your suspicions, it’s only natural for your thoughts to turn to questions about treatment.… Continue reading Undersanding Treatment